Damn Your Eyes!

Join Steve Rankin, Techkon’s Director of Product Development at the FTA Fall Conference at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio as he discusses The 3 Most Common Problems in the Pressroom.  The presentation, entitled “Damn Your Eyes” will be on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 from 3:00-4:30PM.  Don’t miss this informative presentation as Steve identifies the most common problems our customers face including:

    • Finding out on press that the color of the ink is not correct
    • Press operators who are not sure how to make color match
    • Customers demanding brand colors within 2 dE’s while the pressroom is not equipped with a spectrophotometer

The presentation will include an in-depth discussion of each problem and how the Techkon ChromaQA Color Quality Assurance Software can be a powerful solution.  ChromaQA provides a very cost effective, and easy to use, set of tools designed to monitor the color quality of jobs on press, reduce the number of re-makes, and deliver significant savings in ink and paper by detecting color problems early in the print production process. ChromaQA is highly configurable and can be paired with both handheld and inline spectrophotometers.  The MIS integration makes automatic job creation easy.  The software is also extremely flexible and offers connectivity to both PantoneLIVE & Shawk! ColorDrive.