Protect Your Investment

The Planned Maintenance Program (PMP) ensures your color measurement tools remain accurate and consistent job after job after job.

Purchased a Device Recently?

Act Now! If you sign up for a Planned Maintenance Program, and have purchased a device within 90 days prior, you will be automatically enrolled into the Tier One plan, otherwise you will be automatically enrolled in the Tier Two plan.

See the difference in the PMP plans by using the toggle below.

Device Recertification Checklist

Complete disassembly and visual/technical inspection
Professionally clean the instrument's optics and electromechanical parts
Check/replace battery charging capacity
Check white standard
Verify and update internal device color calibration
Update device firmware
Reassemble to factory standards
Conduct multi-point functionality test
ISO certificate supplied verifying recalibration

The Plan Perks

Dedicated Support

Perhaps more important than the remarkable performance of our products, is our dedicated support.

Our teams draw on extensive customer, industry and product experience to provide highly personalized guidance throughout the sales process and anytime support is needed after that.

Free Loaner Devices

If expedited service is not available for your device, we will provide a loaner device at no additional cost to you during your repair or recertification.

Expedited Service

Our expedited service commitment means that you will be placed at the front of the queue to ensure a fast turn around time on device recertifications to minimize downtime in your facility.

Additional Savings

You will be eligible for 10% off of any future upgrades (Model or Version) as well as 10% off of all parts and accessory purchases throughout your PMP period.

2 Year Extended Warranty

With this program, you will get an additional two (2) years of service and repair coverage.This includes repair or replacement of parts that are broken or not functioning properly.

Free Shipping

Free return shipping of your freshly serviced device.

*Coverage does not apply to devices that have been misused.
*Free shipping and loaner devices apply to US customers only