Complete 4 Year Care Package

Techkon USA offers an optional complete 4 year care package on the following products:

  • SpectroDens
  • DENS
  • SpectroPlate
  • SpectroJet

providing customers an additional 2 years of warranty repair coverage and 3 free recertifications. The 4 year care package is only available for those customers located in the continental US and Canada.

Current Techkon customers interested in purchasing a 4 year care package must return the instrument to Techkon USA for a device inspection to verify that it is in good working condition at an additional cost.

The Complete 4 Year Care Package includes:

  • Repair of units that are not functioning to factory specification. This includes all parts and labor necessary to repair the instrument.
  • THREE device checks/recertifications per contract period. Instruments must be returned within the agreement period to qualify under this program. Device check/recertification service includes:
    • Cleaning of instrument optics
    • Check/replace battery charging capacity
    • Verify & update internal device calibration
    • Check white standard
    • Upload new firmware
    • Complete functionality test
    • ISO9001 compliant certificate

*Units that are structurally damaged and demonstrate non-standard usage are not covered under this program.

Process to Return Instrument for Repair:

To qualify for the Complete 4 Year Care Package customers must:

  • Contact Techkon USA Technical Support at 978-777-1854. The Technical Support Specialist will determine that the unit is in need of repair and will authorize the return of the unit for warranty repair.
  • The Techkon Technical Support Specialist after determining the need for repair will direct you to Request an RMA.

Product Loaner units:

Product Loaner units will be provided on a first come first serve basis during the term of the agreement. Loaner units must be returned to Techkon USA in good working condition no later than 7 business days after the return of the repaired unit.


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