How to Clean Your Densitometer

Densitometer Cleaning
During these uncertain times we would like to ensure you that the safety and health of our employees, customers, and partners is of utmost importance to us. We want customers to have the information they need to effectively clean Techkon devices and to assist customers in maintaining a healthy work environment.

  1. The best cleaning agent for your densitometer, whether it be a handheld or scanning device is 99% Isopropyl alcohol.  Please refrain from using any abrasive cleaning agents or chemicals including Windex or other glass cleaners.
  2. We recommend wearing disposable gloves made of latex (or nitrile gloves if you are latex-sensitive) when cleaning and disinfecting devices.
  3. Clean the entire outside aluminum casing of the instrument with 99% Isopropyl alcohol.  The aperture should only be cleaned with compressed air.
  4. Do not spray any liquids directly onto the product.
  5. Use only lint-free microfiber cloth on your densitometer. Please refrain from using any abrasive cloth on the device.
  6. If your device is used on a daily basis, it should be cleaned at the end of each day using the procedure mentioned above.
  7. If your device is not in use, it should be stored in the original black plastic device case.
  8. Please be sure to carefully clean the entire outside casing of the intrument before sending it back for repair or recertification.
  9. Once your device is received our technical service manager will thoroughly clean the device with 99% Isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth.  The aperture will then be cleaned with compressed air as well as any parts that have to be removed or exchanged from the device.

Please feel free to call us at 978-777-1854 with any questions you may have.