ChromaQA Suite

Easier Process and Spot Color Make-Readies


Feedback for Press Operators

Easily and quickly guides novice operators to the optimum color match and removes the guesswork.


Powerful Tool Set

Includes dedicated color QC tools for the Pressroom, Ink Department, and a reporting engine for the Quality Department.


Shorten Make- Readies

Slash your pressroom make-ready times, save money, and ensure consistency throughout each press run.


Cloud Based Data

Cloud-based architecture ensures easy sharing of color standards, jobs, and quality reports across the entire organization.


Easier Process & Spot Color Make-Readies

ChromaQA SUITE is an enterprise color quality solution tailored for packaging printers who wish to improve the color accuracy of their ink supply chain, shorten pressroom make-readies, ensure color consistency across each press run.

ChromaQA SUITE is designed for spot colors, 4C process work, ECG jobs, and tracking G7 compliance. In addition, job reporting, data query, and customized score cards provide visibility for external brand customers, internal quality managers, and continuous process improvements.

in the inkroom

Manage your color standards and QC your inks

In the Pressroom

Get up to color faster and stay there

In the Quality Group

3 reporting engines to analyze your production color data

Chroma QA Suite

The ChromaQA software is very user friendly and it seems to be designed for the printer. We were able to quickly get the system installed, our staff trained, and have already noticed shorter color match times on press. Currently, we have the Techkon software in use to check and maintain color on our 4 presses along with the QC of all inks coming out of our ink room.
Bart Wright,
Director NA Graphics, Interflex Group

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