Chroma LT – It is Super Easy to Use

This is the start of a mini blog series on how Techkon’s ChromaLT color quality solution really is the ultimate companion software for your handheld pressroom spectrophotometer and by far the easiest color quality solution for packaging printers to deploy in their pressroom. Throughout this blog series, we’ll be highlighting specific pressroom use cases to illustrate how ChromaLT can increase the efficiencies of your press operators and ultimately lead to better color matches and a higher quality level across jobs.

Blog 1 – It’s Super Easy to Use
Have you ever considered implementing a color quality solution in the pressroom but were concerned about the implementation and deployment in your production environment? Well, ChromaLT has been designed as the easiest solution on the market and for seemless deployment anywhere! Allow me to explain…

  • Designed specifically for spot colors and packaging applications
    Whether it’s a spot color ink or a process build of a brand color, the customer wants it printed within tolerance throughout the entire press run and each time you print the job going forward. ChromaLT can help because it offers a very focused set of tools to achieve these specific goals.
  • Measurement settings and options are set and locked
    All instrument measurement settings, options, and the deltaE formula can be set up one time and locked so every color and every job is measured correctly. This means press operators do not need to worry about the settings on their instrument or in the software. In fact, there’s even a feature called “ColorEnsure” that checks the SpectroDens instrument before every measurement and automatically corrects the instrument settings if something has changed.
  • Super simple job creation:
        Ready…Choose Your Colors
        Set…….DeltaE tolerance
        Go…….Start measuring

    As long as the press operator knows the names of the colors in the job, they can type in the name, hit search, and then add it to the job. Once the colors are chosen, a deltaE tolerance is set and then the operator is ready to pull their first printed sample and begin measuring. As easy as 1…2…3!

  • Color bars are not needed
    If your job has color bars for the operator to measure, that’s great. However, they are not required because the operator can always measure colors anywhere inside the image area. ChromaLT does not force the use of color bars.
  • Measure colors in any order
    Press operators are allowed to measure colors in any order they wish and the software automatically adjusts and compares the measurements to the correct color standards in the job. How’s that for a flexible workflow?
  • Clear Pass/Fail Indicators
    Each measured color is automatically compared to its’ color standard in the job and the software posts an easy to read Pass/Fail indication, deltaE result, and CIELab plot to illustrate the direction and magnitude of the color difference.
  • Recommendation to match colors
    Lastly, ChromaLT has powerful intelligence built-in to guide press operators to the best possible color match for each color in the job. First, the software computes the lowest possible deltaE for each color by just making changes to the solid ink density. This removes all the guesswork and tells the operator exactly how to get there and how close they can get. If density changes alone won’t do it, the software also provides a detailed color difference graph and text based color differences which serve as a guide when toning the spot color ink on press.

So there is a lot for me to share here regarding why ChromaLT is so easy to use. However, seeing is believing and this is why I would encourage anyone interested in this product to come explore our website, learn more, and even request our free 30 day trial where you can see firsthand just how helpful ChromaLT can be in your production environment.

Thanks and stay tuned for more blogs in this series which will explore ChromaLT in more detail.