Offset Closed-Loop for A Lot Less

Are you currently only using a handheld densitometer in your offset pressroom to perform print quality control? Have you considered investing in a closed-loop color control system but backed off because you thought the price was out of reach? Well, what if I told you that Techkon offers a solution with a price tag in the mid $30,000 range? That’s right! A full blown, closed-loop, system with the same software feature set as our automated…

SpectroDrive…The “Switch” Is On!

Here at Techkon, we are thrilled with the response we have gotten since we launched our “Make the Switch” campaign at the end of 2019.  Back in December we started this campaign by highlighting the unique features and selling points of our SpectroDens handheld spectrophotometer and the response has been tremendous.  This month, we are continuing the “Switch” campaign but with focus our SpectroDrive, automated, sheet scanning spectrophotometer.  But before I highlight a few of…

Do You Have an Old Scan-Densitometer?

Do you have an old scan-densitometer that looks like one of the instruments above? These instruments are going out of production and will no longer be serviced. Are you interested in other solutions? Learn more about why many printers are upgrading from their current scan-densitometer solution to our SpectroDens Scanning Solution! Read more about our SPECTRODENS SCANNING SOLUTION.

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