An Affordable Scanning Solution for Printers

Techkon recently announced a brand new solution aimed at budget conscious printers looking for a scanning solution that allows them to see a visual representation of the results displayed by ink zone and printing units.  The solution utilizes the SpectroDens Handheld & Scanning Spectro-Densitometer in combination with Techkon’s Expresso software and serves a real need in the sheetfed offset market.

Techkon has a long history of listening to their customers and coming up with solutions to meet their needs, and this new scanning solution is no exception.  The SpectroDens with Expresso supports all measurement conditions from M0 to M3 in Scan Mode, enabling shorter make-ready times, reduced ink and paper waste, and better color control throughout the press run.  Also, print characteristics such as density, dot gain, CIE Lab and ΔE are detected and displayed in an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface.  The SpectroDens scan feature is fast, scanning a color bar up to 48 inches in under 10 seconds. Virtually all color bars can be analyzed and contrast lines between color patches are no longer necessary.

Take a look at the visual display and contact Techkon at 978-777-1854 or if you are interested in this solution!