Techkon Unveils the SpectroVision

The Fastest Inline Spectrophotometer on the Market

Danvers, MA (April 8, 2018) TECHKON – the innovation leader in high-precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities – announces today the release of its new SpectroVision solution, the fastest inline spectrophotometer on the market.  The SpectroVision is set to revolutionize the flexographic printing industry by enabling increased color accuracy and consistency, significant make ready savings, and at a price that is affordable for printers of all sizes. Techkon is thrilled to be the first and only manufacturer to offer an inline spectrophotometer that can measure a press control strip containing up to 100 color patches in a single printed impression. As a result, the SpectroVision provides measurement data back to the press operator at blazingly fast speeds, cutting traditional make-ready times and materials in half.

The SpectroVision is a color measurement solution that can be installed on flexo and gravure presses for real time color measurements during the press run.  It’s highly accurate, full 31-point, spectrophotometer is guided by a high resolution digital camera to find the exact location of color patches, color bars, and any specific in-image measurement location.  The included Techkon ChromaQA color quality software allows users outside the pressroom to create jobs that specify the exact measurement locations, color reference values, and customer specific tolerances.  Press operators can then run jobs and get immediate, real-time, color results including spectral, CIELab/Lch, density, and tone-value, along with recommendations to optimize color matching results, while live trend graphs show color performance metrics throughout the entire press run.  In addition, QA managers can create customized reports for customers as well as analyze the color quality data across multiple press runs, shifts, operators, locations, etc. for further process improvements and increased savings.

“Never before has the industry had access to an inline spectrophotometer at a price point which will allow for wide-spread adoption by printers of all sizes” said Stephen Rankin, Director of Product Development, Techkon USA. “SpectroVision is surely the fastest inline spectrophotometer on the planet with it’s unique ability to measure an entire process control color bar in a single printed impression at press speeds up to 1,000 ft/min.  Packaging printers can now have real-time access to important color quality metrics through out an entire press run providing assurance they are hitting their customers’ brand colors and staying within agreed upon color tolerances.  The system even alerts press operators when it sees color quality attributes trending toward an out-of-tolerance print condition which allows them to intervene before a color problem actually occurs on press.  Together, the benefits of SpectroVision allow packaging printers to reduce their make-ready, increase color accuracy, and ensure color consistency over time for more repeat business and increased profitability.”

In conjunction with the launch of SpectroVision, Techkon is hosting a free webinar, presented by Catherine Haynes of All Printing Resources, to help educate flexographic printing professionals on print consistency and the value of establishing standards.  The webinar will be held on May 2, 2018 at 2:00PM EST.  Registration here for the webinar.

Techkon is the innovation leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers and color software solutions for the global print community. With a track record of 30 + years of continued technological excellence, Techkon products are chosen for their high degree of measurement accuracy, repeatability, reliability and ease of operation in all sectors of the printing industry. Techkon’s innovative color measurement solutions have led to highly successful implementations by leading OEM press manufacturers and large commercial printers, yielding dramatic gains in quality, productivity and cost savings.