Techkon ezINK and ezQC bring a whole new level of global color control to Brand Owners

Danvers, MA (October 1, 2010) TECHKON – the innovation leader in high-precision color measurement technology for the global print community – is announcing two new products at GraphExpo, designed to work in tandem to effectively manage brand color libraries. Techkon ezINK will enable brand owners to set up, manage and communicate critical color specifications, and Techkon ezQC to allow pressroom managers to analyze target values and densities on press, and make necessary adjustments to ensure conformance. Geared to the packaging and offset markets, Techkon ezINK and Techkon ezQC will empower brand owners to effectively manage, communicate and validate crucial color requirements globally. Techkon will showcase these breakthrough color tools in Booth 753 at GraphExpo (October 3-6, 2010 at McCormick Place South, Chicago IL).

“The role of the brand owner to ensure color consistency across multiple press environments, inks and substrates grows more complex on a daily basis,” states George Adam, Techkon USA President. “Powerful server-based color management tools are required to manage the color quality demands of the brand owners. Techkon has developed effective, intuitive color tools enabling printers to deliver consistent and accurate color to their customers. Once again, Techkon has listened to the needs of the industry, and developed a dynamic solution.” Using Techkon ezINK, brand owners or their service providers can easily set up press runs with all required information including customer-specific print job information and colors used, density, dot gain and color-specific target values and tolerances. Techkon ezINK is a server-based application that enables users to create target color reference libraries by:

  • Importing/Exporting existing color libraries from industry standard ink formulation and 3rd party color management software applications
  • Measuring customer or vendor-supplied printed color targets or ink draw-downs using Techkon SpectroDrive®, SpectroJet® or SpectroDens®
  • Entering customer or brand owner’s supplied color reference data

Once target color reference libraries are created, the data can be effectively downloaded and shared among all relevant service providers, ensuring consistency across print suppliers.

Techkon ezQC then takes brand color management into a whole new dimension … Using a highly intuitive display and drawing from imported job information, pressroom operators are able to:

  • Measure color bars or specific image areas against the target values and tolerances specified in the job setup information
  • Qualify and quantify whether press run is in or out of tolerances.
  • Display empirical and/or visual aids of tolerance conditions
  • Display color trend analysis of density, dot gain and delta E
  • Analyze and drill down on specific measured areas of the press sheet
  • Generate an in-depth report of press run

Techkon ezINK and Techkon ezQC are just two examples of Techkon’s commitment to technological innovation and unique focus on developing color measurement solutions that support their customers’ need for quality, efficiency and accuracy. Other products include: Techkon SpectroDens®, SpectroJet®, SpectroDrive® and SpectroPlate®.

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About Techkon
Techkon is the innovation leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers and color software solutions for the global print community. Techkon products are chosen for their high degree of measurement speed, accuracy, repeatability, reliability and ease of operation in all sectors of the printing industry. Techkon’s innovative color measurement solutions have lead to highly successful implementations by leading OEM press manufacturers and large commercial printers, yielding dramatic gains in quality, productivity and cost savings.  Techkon… We measure color and more.

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