Techkon Announces Upgrades for SpectroDrive® and Expresso® Press Room QC Software

Danvers, MA (September 10, 2009) Today, TECHKON – the world leader in color and plate measurement technology and instrumentation – announced the release of new features aimed at productivity for the Techkon SpectroDrive® and Expresso® press room QC software application. The move toward shorter press runs makes reducing setup time more critical than ever. Getting color right – and getting it done fast – is where the Techkon SpectroDrive® excels.

The Techkon SpectroDrive® spectrophotometer can scan entire press sheet color bars in seconds while simultaneously sending spectral and density measurement data wirelessly to a PC running Techkon Expresso® software.

Originally released in 2007 for the offset cut-sheet commercial print market, the Techkon SpectroDrive® can now be used to measure offset web press sheets due to a new proprietary vacuum system. This innovation enables press operators to align and hold flat previously folded web press sheets and conduct color and density measurements with the SpectroDrive®.

Key advantages of the enhanced Techkon SpectroDrive® include:

  • Scan up to 80-inch press sheets.
  • Scan a 40-inch press sheet color bar in under eight seconds.
  • Vacuum system for securing and measuring folded web press sheets.
  • Color bars can be located and measured anywhere on the press sheet.
  • Use for automatic scanning or as a hand-held device for spot check measurements – without concern for inter-instrument agreement issues.

Enhanced Techkon Expresso® press room QC software offers SpectroDrive® users robust functionality that includes:

  • Improved trend reporting to better track customer jobs and press performance.
  • Press operators can select specific ink zones to measure.
  • Ink-check function displays suggested density changes for more accurate color.
  • Create custom color bars quickly and easily.
  • Automatically export measurement data in commonly used file formats and choose the data you want to export.
  • Print results – individual scans or complete scan analysis summaries – to any printer on your network.
  • Complete G7® functionality with recommended CMY density ink zone adjustments to obtain neutral values in compliance with the G7™ specification.

Albin Baranauskas, Director of Sales for Techkon GmbH says, “We continue to focus on developing and enhancing the Techkon Expresso® software application to leverage the benefits of a compete scanning system in the press room. The Techkon Expresso® press room QC system gives press operators maximum control over color quality in real time – as the job is being printed.”

This upgrade for Techkon Expresso® press room QC software is free and can be downloaded from

About Techkon
Techkon GmbH is a leading manufacturer of densitometers, spectrophotometers and software solutions for the graphic arts industry with more than 27 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of color measurement systems. Due to their easy handling, accuracy and reliability, Techkon devices are used worldwide in all sectors of the printing industry. Techkon is located in Königstein, Germany and has offices in Japan and the US.

Visit us in Booth #7356 at Print 09 to see the new features for the Techkon SpectroDrive® and Expresso® QC software application.

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