Techkon Announces SpectroJet Scanning SpectroDensitometer

Scan an Entire Ink Zone Control Strip in Seconds

Danvers, MA (September 21, 2009) Today, TECHKON – the world leader in color and plate measurement technology and instrumentation – announces the Techkon SpectroJet®. Once again, Techkon satisfies the rising worldwide demand for faster, easier, and more accurate color measurement tools for the press room. Engineered and designed on industry-leading proprietary technology, the Techkon SpectroJet is a semi-automated scanning spectrophotometer for the pressroom. This new device is equipped with a switchable polarizing filter and can scan entire ink zone control strips in seconds – all while delivering spectral and density measurement data via an industry standard USB connection to a PC running Techkon Expresso software.

The SpectroJet reduces non-productive set-up time and enables accurate and fast press adjustments. This translates into shorter make-ready, less paper and ink waste, and exacting color control.

Key advantages of the Techkon SpectroJet include:

  • Scan an ink zone control strips at a rate of six inches per second.
  • Easily scan extremely small color patches.
  • Use as a scanning device or as a hand-held for spot check measurements.
  • G7® functionality with recommended CMY density ink zone adjustments to obtain neutral values according to G7® specifications.
  • Ink zone control strip can be located and measured anywhere on the press sheet.
  • Polarizing filter can be switched on/off with the touch of a button.

Ulrich Krzyminski, Managing Director of Techkon GmbH says, “The SpectroJet glides effortlessly on four wheels, allowing it to deliver a high level of repeatability and accuracy. We’ve incorporated the same spectrophotometer engine – widely used with our Techkon handheld, scanning and In-line spectrophotometers – into this latest Techkon scanning product. This strategy ensures excellent inter-instrument agreement throughout the entire Techkon spectrophotometer product line”.

The Techkon SpectroJet is the latest addition to a product portfolio of powerful press room color measurement solutions. The SpectroJet extends the line of high-performance hand-held and scanning press room instruments that include:

  • SpectroDens® – a highly accurate spectrophotometer and easy-to-use densitometer.
  • SpectroPlate® – a high resolution digital microscope that measures dot percentage, screen angles, and dot gain transfer curves for traditional offset or process-less, chemistry-free printing plates.
  • SpectroDrive® – a device that scans entire ink zone control strips in seconds while simultaneously sending spectral and density measurement data wirelessly to a PC running Expresso® software.

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About Techkon
Techkon GmbH is a leading manufacturer of densitometers, spectrophotometers and software solutions for the graphic arts industry with more than 27 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of color measurement systems. Due to their easy handling, accuracy and reliability, Techkon devices are used worldwide in all sectors of the printing industry. Techkon is located in Königstein, Germany and has offices in Japan and the US.


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