Techkon Announces a New Cost Effective Scanning Solution

An Entirely New Scanning Solution for the Sheetfed Offset Market

Danvers, MA, February 8, 2019 – Techkon USA, the innovation leader in high-precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities – announces the launch of an entirely new scanning solution for the sheetfed offset market with the SpectroDens Handheld & Scanning SpectroDensitometer.  The SpectroDens, coupled with Techkon’s Expresso software, will enable users to continuously scan color bars and see a visual representation of the results displayed by ink zone and printing units.

With this new solution, print characteristics such as density, dot gain, CIE Lab and ΔE are detected and displayed in an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface.  The SpectroDens scan feature is fast, scanning a color bar up to 48 inches in under 10 seconds. Virtually all color bars can be analyzed and contrast lines between color patches are no longer necessary.

The SpectroDens supports all measurement conditions from M0 to M3 in Scan Mode, enabling shorter make-ready times, reduced ink and paper waste, and better color control through out the press run.  “We are thrilled to be able to offer the SpectoDens with Expresso to our small to mid-sized customers looking for a cost effective scanning solution,“ states Devin Abramowtiz, Director of Sales.  The SpectroDens with Expresso is a great addition to the Techkon portfolio of products, serving as an entry-level scanning solution for customers.  It can also be purchased with an optional closed loop module for printers looking for an automated on-press feedback system.

Techkon’s entire product line is recognized by leading industry organizations, and its products are positioned as the color quality tools of choice for printers around the world. For more information on Techkon USA’s products and services, please visit or call us at 978-777-1854.


Techkon is the innovation leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers and color software solutions for the global print community. With a track record of 30+ years of continued technological excellence, Techkon products are chosen for their high degree of measurement accuracy, repeatability, reliability and ease of operation in all sectors of the printing industry. Techkon’s innovative color measurement solutions have led to highly successful implementations by leading OEM press manufacturers and large commercial printers, yielding dramatic gains in quality, productivity and cost savings.