Techkon USA Milestones

Techkon’s leading edge approach to color measurement is built on one stunning technological milestone after the next . . .

2021MYIRO-1 is the next generation ICC color profiling solution.
2019ChromaLT is the ultimate companion software for your pressroom densitometer and it simplifies spot color matching and job reporting in the pressroom.
2019SpectroVision now combines spectral based color measurement, web viewing, and ISO/ANSI style bar code grading into a single product.
2018SpectroVision is the fastest inline spectrophotometer on the market. It is a new real-time color measurement solution that can be installed on flexo and gravure pressses.
2017ChromaQA V3.0 is an enterprise-grade color quality solution that is scalable, customizable, and affordable.
2017New Generation is the name for the newest versions of both the SpectroDens and SpectroDrive. These instruments boast an aluminum casing, added functionality, and many new features.
2015Ink Formulation combines two best-of-breed products (matchmycolor Colibri® ColorMatch + Techkon SpectroDENS) into a single solution. Colibri offers the most sophisticated ink formulation platform available. SpectroDENS is a fast, accurate, reliable and convenient device for print color measurement.
2014PRESSLINK is our Closed Loop Print Color Control Solution. PressLink is designed to meet the increasing demands from commercial printers nationwide for pressroom automation, materials waste reduction, increased productivity, and consistent color quality.
2014DENS unifies three devices in one. It is a color reflection densitometer for CMYK color prints, a film transmission densitometer and a high-precision illuminated magnifying glass for the visual control of printing results.
2012ChromaQA is cloud based quality assurance software solution for digital, flexographic, and packaging printers to monitor the color quality of any job remotely and in real time.
2010ES5000 revolutionizes inline color measurement on digital presses with real-time, non-contact spectrophotometer readings on presses running 1000’/min.
2009SpectroJet introduces a spectrodensitometer “on wheels” providing automatic measurements of print quality on print control bars, color wedges and test charts, with USB connection to the Windows environment.
2008SpectroDrive with ExPresso functionality (for Windows) features a major breakthrough in fast, wireless scanning, capturing a 40″ press sheet in just 8 seconds.
2007SpectroDens with G7 functionality offers instant verification of standard conformance that both supports and helps accelerate acceptance of G7 industry standard in the global print community.
2006SpectroPlate offers the most precise image analysis in a handheld printing plate measurement device, with real-time 120x digital microscope imaging. Implementation of infrared technology enables measurement of process-less plates, giving customers a green alternative in high quality plate-making.
2004SpectroDens series breaks new ground in standards for densitometers and spectrophotometers, with its solid state, sealed engine and high resolution graphical display.
2000DMS 910 Digital MicroScope features digital image analysis of printing plates, pioneering new quality control methods.
1998RS400 Scan-Densitometer revolutionizes measurement technology in printing environments.
1995SP820 Spectrophotometer sets new standards in versatility, speed, ergonomics and measurement accuracy.
1993R410 unveils patented measurement head technology.
1988RT-SERIES Film Densitometer operates in pocket-size format.
1984Reflection Densitometer R412 features automatic color recognition.
1983TECHKON founded in Konigstein, Germany by Dr. Harald and Brigitte Krzyminski.

In its 28-year history, TECHKON engineering has always been #1 in pushing the color measurement envelope, and using the latest technology to continuously raise customer productivity while lowering the product cost of entry.

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