A Testimonial from Paul Sherfield

Me and my MYIRO :  I have been using my MYIRO-1 for nearly 10 months now as my main handheld, computer attached spectrophotometer.

The instrument from Konica Minolta is clearly aimed as the first creditable competitor to well known market leading spectrophotometer in this area.

Its build quality is good, a strong plastic body with a ‘lens cap’ that also serves as the calibration plate. The instruments technology is based on Konica Minolta’s FD-9 high-end scanning spectrophotometers, now called the MYIRO-9.

So, this high-end architecture gives M0, M1 or M2 measurements in one measurement or scanning pass.

The scanning function is very smooth and fast, combined with an excellent ruler, see image above. The MYIRO-1 can be connected to the host computer by USB, which will also charge the device, or by a wireless connection which is a standard feature.

The MYIRO is supplied with its own software suite for measuring profile charts and creating and evaluating profiles. It also comes with BasICColors excellent display profiling software, basICColor Display 6. The software is available for Mac and PC.

Over the last months many leading color management solution providers have integrated the MYIRO-1 into their products.

I have been using it with EFI Fiery, Bodoni PressSIGN and ColorLogic’s ColorAnt. The device is stable and accurate and repeatable. It seems to be a major advance on its main competitor, at much the price, which includes a more comprehensive color management software package.

Author: myiro.com