5 Technical Considerations for Color Quality Assurance Software

Cloud-based printing workflows manage the interface between a print buyer and print service provider by means of a client-server or browser based application software package. The application software is developed and managed by a third party organization, the cloud print service provider, which oversees all interactions in converting content to print including pricing, ordering, job routing, quality control, and shipping/delivery.

All of this can be accomplished with global connections between buyers and printers. In addition, a desktop computer, a portable tablet like an i-Pad, or a smart phone, can easily control all QA functions.

A cloud-based printing workflow can provide cost and time savings for both print buyers and print service providers. More importantly, a cloud-based quality assurance software product such as Techkon’s ChromaQA can provide

  • excellent color reproduction quality throughout an entire print run
  • consistent color reproduction for multiple independent runs of the same printed product from week to week or year to year
  • consistent color reproduction for multiple independent runs of the same printed product from one printer to another

With the required functionality, this QA application will enable digital inkjet, electrophotographic, and flexographic printers to analyze and find color, density and dot gain variations early in the print process. Press operators or quality control personnel can scan color control bars and receive immediate feedback on how well the job is conforming to customer tolerances. This means that a entire brochure, a data sheet, a company logo, or other critical colors will have the same appearance whether they are printed this week, next month, or next year or whether they are produced by a printer in London, New York, or Dusseldorf.

Whether you are a print service provider, a print buyer, or a cloud print service provider, here are 5 solid reasons to consider cloud-based quality assurance software for your operation.

Reason 1: Manage Customer Jobs – The color QA software application will enable print specifiers, QA managers, and press room managers to locally or remotely

  • Create and manage print jobs containing all required customer information, color values, and target tolerance required to print the job
  • Post jobs to a central server, the company intranet, or the Internet in order that multiple facilities printing the same job have consistent color reproduction

Reason 2: Manage Color Libraries – The color QA software application will

  • Be capable of managing industry standard or custom color libraries
  • Import and export color libraries in common formants including MIF, CXF, CXF3, , TCB, INK, and Excel CSV
  • Export spectral color information in file formats that are suited for industry standard ink formulation software

Reason 3: Analyze Color

  • Analyze color values in real time and identify color, density, and dot gain variations early in the print job
  • Detect out of tolerance conditions as they occur to minimize costly reprints
  • Provide visual data trending to track press performance and adherence to customer specified tolerances
  • Analyze formulated inks to ensure correct color values before the press run begins

Reason 4: On line, Interactive Job Performance Reporting

  • Provide up-to-the-minute reporting of customer job performance via the Internet or company intranet
  • Remote performance monitoring via tablet, i-Pad, or smart phone
  • Multiple Job Trend Analysis – Conduct in-depth trend analysis of specific colors in recurring print jobs that are printed on multiple presses or across different print facilities.

Reason 5: Generate Print Performance Report

  • Generate detailed reports for internal quality control personnel, the cloud print service provider, or customer on how well a specific job performed

By Hapet Berberian