5 Advantages of Using an Automatic Scanning Color Spectrophotometer

Automate your color control process
An automatic scanning color spectrophotometer like the SpectroDrive is a perfect tool to aid in the task of automating your color control process. It is designed to scan entire press sheet color bars in a matter of seconds thus eliminating the need for manual measurements via a handheld device. These devices are fast, accurate, and can also scan color bars anywhere on the press sheet.

Collect & distribute data
The ability to automatically gather required spectral and density information and distribute it to the appropriate customers is invaluable. These real-time quality control reports of the press data are easily generated with an automated scanning device and can help validate exacting color.

Shorten make-ready time
Due to the trend of smaller print jobs and shorter press runs the time from starting a press to getting it “in color” and running with consistent quality is cost critical. The scanning color spectrophotometer reduces this “non-productive” set-up time dramatically.

Reduce waste
Material waste in the form of ink and paper are considerably reduced with an automated scanning spectrophotometer as mistakes are often caught very early in the print production process or often times eliminated completely.

Improve color quality control
An automatic scanning color spectrophotometer measures density and color information and displays it with suggested density changes for more accurate color. This process helps to ensure consistent print-to-print color accuracy throughout the press run thus improving overall color quality control.

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