3 Reasons You Will Love the Techkon DENS

February has been called the “month of love” by many and it’s certainly a time when some of us give pause to our busy lives and remember why we love those closest to us (even though sometimes it’s only long enough to scribble our names onto a Hallmark card). So for Valentine’s Day in 2020, I would like to give pause and reflect on all the reasons why I think YOU will love the Techkon DENS color densitometer.

As a refresher, the DENS is a modern day color densitometer for the pressroom and it is the ultimate replacement for that aging, clunky, stapler style device that we have all used in the past. Consider that the DENS integrates the latest generation technology such as LED illumination for an extremely long lifespan, a multi-channel color sensor, a Li-Ion battery capable of 10,000 measurements on a single charge, and has been built to withstand harsh printing environments with a body that has been milled from a single block of aluminum. This is the weapon of choice for printers who have established their pressroom quality control procedures using only Solid Ink Density, TVI (dot gain), and Gray Balance measurements and don’t require the expanded capabilities of pressroom spectrophotometers.

But as good as this sounds, I think there are really just 3 reasons why you’ll fall in love with the DENS:

  1. The DENS couldn’t be easier to use!
    • Side aperture design – makes it fast and easy to align the aperture over your color bar
    • Only three buttons – (1) Change the measurement mode, (2) Calibrate, and (3) Measure
    • Large display – The display is big and super easy to read
  2. You can’t beat the price!
    • The DENS is available on our e-store for only $2,495
  3. Includes an integrated precision magnifier with a light!
    • Just turn the instrument onto its’ side and push the button to engage the light
    • DENS | Color Densitometer

Are you in love you yet with the DENS? Did I also tell you that it’s small enough to slip into your back pocket so it never gets lost if you wander away from the press? It’s true. Anyway, that’s going to wrap it up for this week’s blog. If it’s time to replace your aging densitometers and you don’t require any of the functions available on more expensive pressroom spectrophotometers, please consider the DENS and give us a call to learn more.