3 Reasons Why Packaging Printers Love SpectroDens

When our Director of Marketing asked me for a blog this week titled “3 Reasons Why Packaging Printers Love SpectroDens”, I shot her a curious look (via my webcam) and replied “you must joking”.  How can I possibly whittle down all of the pros of the SpectroDens to a list of only 3 things?  However, after some quick reflection on this idea, I have decided to give it my best shot.  Although, at this point, I cannot guarantee that I will actually stick to only 3 reasons.  But, that’s precisely my goal and I am going to give it my best to keep it short and sweet.

Before we begin, let me first provide a one sentence introduction to the product.  Here we go!  SpectroDens is both a modern spectrally based handheld densitometer and color measurement device which has been designed as a printers best offensive weapon to fight color problems, reduce make-ready costs, and achieve a higher level of color quality throughout their print production workflow.  OK, now on to my list of 3 reasons why packaging printers absolutely love the SpectroDens.

  1. Ergonomics: When we go to tradeshows or have the opportunity to put SpectroDens in the hands of a new user, the vastly different ergonomics of the instrument immediately grabs their attention.  From its inception, SpectroDens was designed to leapfrog the status quo, “clamshell” or “stapler” style, pressroom handheld spectrophotometer and offer a totally new user experience for press operators and quality managers.  Legacy style pressroom handheld instruments have been bulky, slow, and cumbersome to operate and there has been little effort put forward to improve their usability over the years.  However, the ergonomics and operation of the SpectroDens is a radical departure and offers a significant ergonomic improvement.  SpectroDens utilizes a patented, side aperture, design which allows the operator to more quickly and easily align the device over the measurement area and with visual confirmation that they are correctly aligned during the measurement.  In addition, 4 precisely aligned wheels on the bottom of the device allow the operator to simply roll the device when targeting their next measurement location.  Therefore, the lifting and re-positioning associated with legacy, “clamshell”, type devices has been completely eliminated and the result is overall faster targeting and operation.
  2. Spot & Scan Measurements: SpectroDens integrates a differential encoder and precisely aligned wheels that are integrated into the base of the instrument allowing for single spot measurements or the scanning of color bars which are up to 43” long (in only 10 seconds).  And best of all, switching from spot measurements to scanning is done with the simple press of a button and without requiring the purchase and installation of additional hardware accessories like competitive products.  Switching from spot to scan has never been easier and more affordable.
  3. Reliability: Finally, SpectroDens offers impeccable instrument reliability thanks to its 100% solid-state spectral engine with no moving parts to wear or get damaged over time.  In addition, SpectroDens was purposefully designed to withstand the harshest pressroom environments and features a uni-body case that is precisely machined from a single block of aluminum to maximize durability and reliability.

As much as I would like to go on and provide a few more compelling reasons why packaing printers love their SpectroDens, I am going to end it here and stick to my assigned task of only providing the 3 top reasons why packaging printers love the SpectroDens.  However, feel free to check out our website and learn more about the other amazing features of this product.  Thank you and please stay safe out there!