Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If you are trying to connect a Techkon device to Chroma QA, Printflow, or Colibri, follow these steps: If you encounter problems connecting to the Techkon Device, please check that the Windows Service is running. Open the Microsoft Windows Control Panel Select the Administrative Tools Open the Services Make sure that the TECHKON Device Service is listed as shown above and that the status is set to “Started” and the startup type is set to…

Do You Have an Old Scan-Densitometer?

Do you have an old scan-densitometer that looks like one of the instruments above? These instruments are going out of production and will no longer be serviced. Are you interested in other solutions? Learn more about why many printers are upgrading from their current scan-densitometer solution to our SpectroDens Scanning Solution! Read more about our SPECTRODENS SCANNING SOLUTION.

Five Tips for Creating Your Color Bar

Five Tips for Creating Your Color Bar Evaluate all of your presses so you have complete information on the manufacturer, print width, number of keys, and individual key width. This will allow you to map a color bar that will work for each of your presses. Be sure that each ink zone has at least one solid patch per ink used on press, so you know how to control the keys based on density or…

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