2019 Photo Contest

Our 2019 photo contest was a huge success!  We loved seeing so many different uses and settings for all of instruments, including the SpectroDens handheld and scanning densitometer, the SpectroDrive automated scanning spectrophotometer, as well as our PressLink closed loop color system. We initially reached out to our user base of pressroom supervisors, quality managers, color experts, and plant managers letting everyone know that the winner would receive a pair of much sought after Airpods!  We were thrilled to receive such a great response and also congratulate our winner, Jim Laforce of the QMC Group in Liverpool New York.  We would also like to thank all of our participants including: Splash Graphics, Inc, Fotograbados Longo S.A., Deluxe Corporation, Phoenix Color Corp., Wright Business Graphics, ARB-Digital, and The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics.

We had so much fun running this contest, we are planning to make it an annual event!  We can’t wait to see how creative you can be for our next contest.