Fully Revised and Expanded

Are you interested in The Printer’s Guide to G7 Implementation? At Techkon, we’re committed to developing instrumentation, software and integrated solutions to enable the finest quality print, ensure accuracy and repeatability, deliver the highest ROI, and provide the best possible user experience in the industry.

That’s why we’ve embraced G7 from its inception, with compliance built into our hardware and software products. The G7 specification helps printers offer consistent results to buyers and brands across different media. Our fully revised and expanded Printer’s Guide to G7 is written by Ron Ellis, an expert in the field of printing and a G7 consultant.

The guide covers:

  • New and updated G7 print specifications
  • M1 measurement and use with optical brightners
  • Key steps and tricks for use when performing G7 calibration
  • New SpectroDens G7 features and how to use

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