2018 Cyber Week Special


Techkon products help printers measure, manage, and communicate perfect color, and recognize significant savings in labor costs, ink, and paper. Our instrumentation, software and integrated solutions enable the finest quality print, ensure accuracy and repeatability, and deliver the highest ROI.

To celebrate cyber week, we are offering up to 20% off select Techkon products. Contact us today to learn about and take advantage of this limited time offer*. Use offer code: CYBERWEEK.

  • SpectroDens: 2018 InterTech Award Winner. The easiest & fastest way to control color and density, delivering unbeatable usability, accuracy and repeatability.
  • ChromaQA: A simple software solution for printers of any size to monitor the color quality of jobs on press and save ink and paper by detecting color problems early.
  • SpectroVision: A higher performing inline spectrophotometer at a fraction of the price of other solutions, enabling printers of any size to cut make-ready times and materials in half.
  • SpectroDrive: Fast automated color bar scanning to boost on-press color quality, consistency and productivity.
  • PressLink: Integrated quality management solution that improves the stability of print processes on older presses.
  • Colibri: A best-of-breed ink formulation system with 1000+ installs across industries.

*Exclusions may apply. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Cannot be used by a third party.