Global Plastic Packaging Manufacturer to Implement Techkon Color Quality Control Solution

The Company is converting more than 20 of its North American plants to the Techkon Global Color Quality Control Solution

Danvers, MA, Oct 29, 2018 – TECHKON – the innovation leader in high-precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities – announces a major purchase agreement with a global plastic packaging manufacturer headquartered in the Midwest. The Company is converting more than 20 of its North American plants to the Techkon Global Color Quality Control Solution which includes the SpectroDens Handheld and Scanning Spectrophotometer as well as ChromaQA Color Quality Assurance Software.

The Techkon SpectroDens is consistently preferred by pressroom supervisors and operators around the world due to its ergonomics, measurement accuracy, and repeatability.  The device won the 2018 InterTech Technology Innovation Award for its:

  • Patented, side mounted aperture
  • Ability to switch between spot measurement and color bar scanning modes
  • Ultra-high definition spectral sensor
  • Solid-state spectral engine with no moving parts or spinning filter wheels
  • True WiFi connectivity
  • Wireless inductive charging
  • InkCheck feature which provides specific ink density adjustments

The device, combined with Techkon’s ChromaQA Color Quality Control Software offers an extremely powerful solution for printing and packaging companies alike.  ChromaQA provides a very cost effective, and easy to use, set of tools designed to monitor the color quality of jobs on press, reduce the number of re-makes, and deliver significant savings in ink and paper by detecting color problems early in the print production process.

It is not suprising that The Company cited “flexibility” and “ease of use” among the key differentiating and determining factors of their final selection process.  Techkon’s development team worked very closely with The Company to add key features, including an API to automate the job setup process, to its already robust software solution.


TECHKON is the innovation leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers and color software solutions for the global print community. With a track record of 30 + years of continued technological excellence, TECHKON products are chosen for their high degree of measurement accuracy, repeatability, reliability and ease of operation in all sectors of the printing industry. TECHKON’s innovative color measurement solutions have led to highly successful implementations by leading OEM press manufacturers and large commercial printers, yielding dramatic gains in quality, productivity and cost savings.