Automate Your Color Measurements. Increase Your Color Quality.

Industrial manufacturing applications can benefit greatly with investments that automate tasks and reduce human intervention.  In applications where color must be monitored and controlled, inline color measurement tools create a more repeatable manufacturing process, increase the quality of manufactured goods, decrease waste, and ultimately increase profit margins.


Anywhere Color Accuracy & Color Consistency are Critical

  • Extruded films and plastics
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Powder Coatings
  • Coil Coating
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Wood Preservatives & Coatings

Benefits of Inline Color Measurement

Increase Color Accuracy & Consistency. Save time & materials.

  • Measurement process is 100% automated & relieves burden from the operator
  • Ensures that measurements occur at regular intervals throughout production
  • Operators are not required to be skilled with spectrophotometers or computers
  • Provides clear PASS/FAIL indication to the operator
  • Alerts operator when color is drifting toward an out-of-tolerance condition

Turn-Key Solution

Includes everything required for color monitoring

  • Highly accurate scanning spectrophotometer
  • Traverse arm that allows for measurements in multiple locations across material width
  • Easy to use software solution and PC with touch screen display
  • Light tower for instant notification if color shifts out of tolerance
SpectroEdge | Inline Densitometer

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