Automate Your Color Measurements. Increase Your Color Quality.

Any printing or industrial manufacturing application can benefit greatly with inline, automated, color measurements.  Whether it’s packaging printing, industrial manufacturing applications, or even closed-loop color control of digital presses, inline color measurements play a key role when increasing color accuracy & consistency, decreasing waste, and keeping color on track throughout production.


Packaging & Label Printing

  • Designed for printers using flexographic, gravure, or digital printing presses
  • Turn-key solution that is ready for retro-fitment into existing presses
  • Measures color at full production print speeds (Density, ∆E, TVI, G7, and more)
  • Includes live Web Viewing and real-time Bar Code grading


Industrial Manufacturing

  • Intended for use in industrial manufacturing applications such as plastics, extrusions, coil coating, etc.
  • Turn-key solution that is ready for retro-fitment into existing manufacturing lines
  • Measures color in real-time and alerts operator before color drifts out-of-tolerance


OEM Embedded Solutions

  • Aimed at manufacturers of printing presses & other machinery
  • Includes ES7500 spectrophotometer (with option to include traverse arm)
  • Designed for inclusion inside digital presses for automated color measurements and feedback (linearization, calibration, ICC profiling, etc.

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