Inline Color Measurement Solution for real-time automated measurements, detecting and preventing color problems, and faster brand color matching

As shorter press runs become more commonplace and brand customers hold packaging printers more accountable than ever for color accuracy and consistency, reducing pressroom make-ready times and increasing color consistency have never been more important for retaining your customers and your profitability.  SpectroVision makes it possible!

Increase Print Quality

Integrate your color measurements, live web viewing, & bar code scoring.

  • Real-time color measurements at full press production speeds – no more stopping the press to take measurements
  • True spectrophotometer – measure an entire color bar in a single printed impression
  • Extremely color accurate and highly sensitive to subtle changes unlike camera-based color measurement systems
  • Live web viewing functionality to monitor registration marks, critical text, logos, etc.
  • Real-time, automatic, bar code grading and scoring

Slash Make-Ready Times

Get up to color faster. Save time & materials.

  • Operators see instant PASS/FAIL & color difference results with easy to read, visual, graphics
  • InkCheck technology provides ink density adjustments to achieve lowest possible deltaE’s on press
  • Support for Process and Spot colors ->  Check density, deltaE, TVI, Trap, Graybalance, G7 and more
  • Displays independent color results from both Operator & Gear sides of the press

Eliminate Costly Re-Makes

Detect and resolve problems early. Ensure roll to roll consistency.

  • Periodically measures color & bar codes during each roll to detect problems early
  • Operators alerted when quality drifts, allowing for corrective actions before going out of tolerance
  • Trend charts for Density, ∆E, TVI, and more monitor the real-time status for operators
  • Prevents and eliminates costly re-makes when only checking color & bar codes at the end of a roll and a problem is found
  • Comprehensive web viewing features allow operators to monitor registration marks, critical text, logos, and more throughout the run

Report, Analyze, & Improve

Create reports & learn from your production data.

  • Beautiful job reports demonstrate color accuracy & consistency for brand customers
  • Custom trend reports detail performance over time for a job, color, print location, press, shift, operator, etc.
  • Powerful query tools allow you to analyze & learn from your production data to make process improvements
  • Color and job data is at your fingertips if customers have a complaint or question regarding color accuracy or consistency

see it in action:

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