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Explore our industry-leading Color QA Software, Handheld wireless Spectrophotometers & Densitometers, and advanced In-Line Systems.

Pressroom Solutions

Reduce production costs, cut make-ready times, and increase efficiency with robust color measurement hardware. Operators rely on Techkon for the highest precision in the market.

Inkroom Solutions

Save more ink and spend less time achieving accurate color in the Inkroom with our color measurement devices and ink formulation software.

Color for Brands

When color is even slightly off, customers notice, and clients reject shipments. Printers around the world rely on Techkon devices daily to maintain accurate color and increase customer satisfaction.

OEM for Press Manufactures

Award-winning technology that you’ll find inside nearly every major offset and many digital printing presses today including, Komori, Ricoh, Manroland, K&B, Ryobi, Mitsubishi, and more.

We're on a mission to transform the printing business.

If you’re like many commercial offset and flexography printers and materials manufacturers today, you’re trying to manage increasing overhead costs while also being committed to continuously improving your quality systems and reducing waste headed for a landfill. In times like these, we know that better yields and longer uptimes are critical gauges of success that aren’t easy to sustain.

And that’s why we live by a different credo here at Techkon USA than our (often larger) competitors. We truly and honestly believe that we’re here for a reason, and it’s no coincidence our team has come together from all corners of the printing technology and graphics industry to actively help you find ways to improve your bottom line so you and others like you can grow and transform your businesses for the future.

Popular Blogs & Resources

Densitometer vs. Spectrophotometer

“Should I use a Densitometer or Spectrophoto-meter in my Pressroom?” While the densitometer has been around for many years and was widely adopted, there is no doubt that the momentum has now shifted towards using spectrophotometers in the pressroom.

A Simple Review of CIE ∆E* (Color Difference) Equations

If you work in the color industry, either you are a brand owner, merchandise designer, printing professional, paint department staff in Home Depot or Lowe’s, or just a complete color geek like me who likes words like CIE CMC color, you will likely hear the term “ΔE”, pronounced “delta-E”.

Manual Color Process Control vs. Closed-Loop Color Process Control

Traditionally, printers have relied on manual color control, a primitive and time-consuming process that often leads to costly mistakes, wasted materials, and customer dissatisfaction. In this blog post, we’ll explore the drawbacks of manual color control and highlight the transformative benefits of automated color measurement and management.

What are M0, M1, M2, M3 Measuring Mode Settings?

In accordance with the ISO 13655 standard, the “M” series of measuring mode settings were defined in order to standardize illumination conditions where optical brightening agents are utilized in substrates. The following is designed as a quick reference chart of the 4 different measuring mode settings within the “M” series.

ChromaQA: Game-Changing Software for Print and Packaging

Introducing ChromaQA 5, a revolutionary color quality software solution designed specifically to automate and simplify the color matching process resulting in drastically shortened make-readies, reduced waste, and increased profitability for packaging printers.

The Printer's Guide to G7

The G7 specification helps printers offer consistent results to buyers and brands across different media. Our fully revised and expanded Printer’s Guide to G7 is written by Ron Ellis, an expert in the field of printing and a G7 consultant.

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