Color Quality Control Solutions for Mission-Critical Color

Color Quality Control Solutions for Mission-Critical Color

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Techkon USA produces specialized color measurement solutions for the printing industry, including spectrophotometers, densitometers, color software, and accessories. Our products guarantee precise color management for printing companies, brand owners, and packaging converters, ensuring consistency across various printing applications.

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What Our Customers Think

“The ChromaQA software is very user friendly and it seems to be designed for the printer. We were able to quickly get the system installed, our staff trained, and have already noticed shorter color match times on press.”

Bart Wright
Director of NA Graphics

“We found that Techkon was very responsive to our needs and was able to provide us with quality instruments and color validation software that met our needs.”

Chuck Fuerbacher
GM of Printing Operations

“Techkon provides reliable, high quality products at an affordable price. Their equipment is setup with the press operators in mind so they can easily carry out scan measurements and get back to printing as fast as possible.”

Patrick Kitz
Operations Manager

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Densitometer vs Spectrodensitometer

  Should I Use a Densitometer or Spectrophotometer in My Pressroom – this a question we hear all the time from printers across all segments of the industry. While the densitometer has been around for many years and was widely adopted, there is no doubt that the momentum has now shifted towards using spectrophotometers in the pressroom. Today’s pressroom spectrophotometers (sometimes called “spectro-densitometers”), offer all of the capabilities of a densitometer and also have the ability to actually

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Demystifying the CIE ΔE 2000 Formula

By Carlos Stanza & Jinkai Qian Understanding the perceptual differences between colors is essential in various fields, such as printing, graphic design, branding, packaging, paint and coatings, textiles, and more! In this context, the Delta E value serves as a crucial metric. Delta E quantifies the disparity between two colors and plays a pivotal role in determining their visual discernibility. Generally, a 1 DE00  is deemed the threshold, indicating that any value below it signifies an imperceptible difference,

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Manual Color Process Control vs Closed-Loop Color Process Control

Accurate and consistent color reproduction throughout a press run is crucial for the success of any offset, flexo, or digital printing operation. To achieve this, periodic color monitoring and control of key characteristics like color, density, TVI, and G7 are essential. Traditionally, printers have relied on manual color control, a primitive and time-consuming process that often leads to costly mistakes, wasted materials, and customer dissatisfaction. In this blog post, we’ll explore the drawbacks of manual

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SpectroJet: A Closed Loop Color Solution Within Reach

Are you currently relying solely on a handheld densitometer for print quality control in your pressroom? Most have considered implementing a closed-loop color control system for their older offset press, but are discouraged by the perceived high cost. Well, we have great news for you. Techkon has a closed loop system  that falls within the mid $30,000 price range. Techkon has a complete closed-loop system equipped with the same software features as the fully automated

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What are the Advantages of Using an Automatic Scanning Color Spectrophotometer

The Power of Automation The adoption of automated print color quality control has transformed the printing industry by delivering significant improvements in color measurement accuracy, efficiency and consistency. By utilizing advanced technologies such as automatic scanning color spectrodensitometers coupled with color QC software solutions, businesses can enhance their production capabilities to meet the ever-increasing expectations of today’s customers. Here are some of those advantages go leveraging Automatic Scanning Color Spectrophotometers: Real-time Data Analysis Data plays

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PressLink: A Closed-Loop Solution for Better Printing

What is PressLink? PressLink is an advanced closed-loop color control system for sheet-fed, offset presses. It integrates hardware and software to collect real-time color data and autonomously adjusts the press’s ink keys, ensuring consistent and accurate color throughout the print run. PressLink will continuously work to optimize color quality, reducing the risk of errors and waste. Autonomous Keys PressLink provides real-time quality control feedback and automatic ink key adjustment during the print run. By automating

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